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polyethylene film manufacturers
It is a functional film developed for special uses with the use of functional
additives(Master Batch) added to PE(Polypropylene) resin. It enhances
productivity of various agricultural products while being used variously
for industrial applications as packaging and protective films.
Packaging and Masking films
JK PE films of a given thickness are excellent in flatness, tear strength, transparency, which enhances values of the products and safely protects the packaged products. Particularly, it is widely used for lamination of food packaging materials, and as masking film or shrinking films as well due to its high transparency and minimization of gel and fish eye.
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shrinking films
Shrinking films make easy packaging of products with irregular shapes and of curved products, and variously utilized for industrial products, foods, agricultural products, etc. to enhance the product values. Also due to its excellent tear and impact strengths, collective packaging and high-speed automated packaging is possible. The film is flexible with cold hardiness and outstanding material properties so that a wide use is made as a packaging material. JK Shrinking films are widely used for major appliances (refrigerator, washing machine, etc.) and industrial special packaging areas on the basis of excellent qualities.
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Agricultural films
JK PE Film, specialized for agricultural use, has been a pioneer of the domestic PE market for over half a century. We have been supplying various high performance films appropriate for the domestic agricultural environment based on our extensive experience and outstanding in-house technical manpower. By appropriately controlling various environmental factors required for the growth of different crops, our products provide tailored solutions for creating optimal conditions for the growth of different agricultural products.
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